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Optical chopper OCV-6300F

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  • Brand:    AVESTA
  • Type:    OCV-6300F
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     An opto-mechanical modulator (chopper) is widely used in different optical experiments. It modulates different light sources with given frequency for their subsequent analysis. The built-in frequency counter allows precise selection of the chopping frequency without any external devices.
    The joint use of the optical chopper with the lock-in amplifier greatly facilitates low-amplitude signal detection against high-level background noise.

   Frequency range 7-6300 Hz *                        
   Sync output *
   High frequency stability *
   Built-in frequency counter *

Frequency range, Hz 7-6300
Chopping frequency with 2-slot blade, Hz 7-120
Chopping frequency with 10-slot blade, Hz 40-600
Chopping frequency with 30-slot blade, Hz 120-1900
Chopping frequency with 60-slot blade, Hz 150-3700
Chopping frequency with 100-slot blade, Hz 260-6300*
Output sync signal level at BNC connector, V +5 (50 ohm)
Frequency setting accuracy, Hz  1
Power supply (AC-DC adapter 12V, 0.35 A), V  110-230
Power consumption, W 4
Dimensions (WxLxH), mm 87x104x148
* - the clear aperture with this blade is 1.5 mm

The default supply package includes motor driver, power supply and one blade.

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