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Faraday optical isolators and rotators

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  • Type:    Faraday optical isolators and rotators
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    A Faraday isolator (FI) is a nonreciprocal optical device which transmits the linearly polarized light in one direction and deflects the backward beam. It usually consists of a Faraday rotator and two polarizers. The Faraday rotator is made of magneto-optical active material which is placed into the permanent magnet system (Nd-Fe-B). Two types of the magneto-optical active materials are available: Terbium-doped glass, Terbium-Gallium-Garnet (TGG) crystals.

    The isolator protects a laser source by attenuating the reflected and backscattered light by several orders of magnitude (10^6 to 10^6). It is also used when some devices have extreme sensitivity to optical feedback which can cause intensity instabilities, frequency pulling and other undesirable effects.

   We offer a variety of optical isolator models:

Peak isolation 38 dB, 60 dB *
Transmission (1064nm, 800nm) >90% *
Broadband isolators *
Tunable isolators *

- Feedback elimination
- Amplifier design

Highly transparent (HT) single-stage isolators. Isolation 38-44 dB, wavelength 400-1250 nm (fixed), clear aperture 2-15 mm. Transmission >90%.

Broadband isolators. Isolation >38 dB. Center wavelength - 800 nm (other designs are also available on request). Bandwidth - 120 nm (>30 dB). Clear aperture is 2-12 mm. HT and SE modifications are also available.

Tunable isolators. Peak isolation 38-42 dB. Default central wavelength - 780 nm. Tuning range from 710 to 880 nm. Other wavelengths available upon request.

Single stage isolators with side exit (SE). Isolation 38-44 dB, wavelength from 400 to 1250 nm (fixed), bandwidth - 30 nm. Clear aperture 2-12 mm.

Double stage isolators. Isolation >60 dB. Wavelength is 600 - 1150 nm (fixed). Bandwidth - 30 nm. Clear aperture 2-12 mm.

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